Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

Tour planned by Sekisui founder, Yoshitaka "Jimmy" Ishii who also leads the tour as the guide.

Next trip:  November 9th-17th     $3,499

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Day 1 3/20 MEM-MSP-NRT by Delta



Day 2  3/21 

Transfer to Shinagawa Prince Hotel by Van

19:00 Sumo Chanko Dinner at Shibamatsu

Day 3  3/22 

5:30 Option to Tsukiji Market for Sushi Breakfast $45

9:00 Tokyo City Tour/Sky Tree/Asakusa/Imperial Palace/Meiji Shrine/Oriental Gift and stay Maehama Eurasia SPA Hotel

19:00 Fugu Dinner at Tentake Tsukiji

Day 4  3/23  8:30 Nikko World heritage Tour and stay at Kinugawa Hot Spring
Day 5  3/24  8:30 Fuji World Heritage Tour and stay at Kawaguchiko Hot Spring
Day 6  3/25 

8:30 Transfer to Narita and take JR to Osaka and stay at Grampus Inn Nanba

19:00 Option Kaiseki Dinner at Kashiwaya 3 Stars Michelin $125

22:00 Option Karaoke Box $45

Day 7  3/26 

8:30 Kyoto and Nara World Heritage Tour/Kiyomizu Temple/Golden Temple/Nijo Castle/Todai Temple/Kasuga Shrine

20:00 Crab House Dinner at Kanidouraku head restaurant

Day 8  3/27 

8:00 Himeji Castle and Hiroshima Dome and Miyajima Shrine World Heritage Tour

20:00 Last Dinner TBA

23:00 Option Show Lounge $55

Day 9  3/28   9:00 Transfer to Narita NRT-ATL-MEM by Delta

Breakfast is included at hot springs.  Others are not.

Since we have heavy dinners, small breakfasts are recommended.

Lunches are not included.

All admissions are not included.

Taxis and commute transportation is not included.

Please keep baggage minimized.